"You put munitions chips in toys?"
―Irwin Wayfair speaking to Larry Benson

Irwin Wayfair is a former Heartland Playsystems employee who now works for Gil Mars as GloboTech Industries has just bough them. He is the creator of the Gorgonites and cares about bringing joy to kids and is worried that Gil would only care about profits.

He creates the Gorgonites as a race of creatures who were designed for an educational purpose which is precisely why, after the X-1000 Chip was put in them, they are also the heroes. He is ultimately upset when Gil makes the heroic Gorgonites into the enemies of the evil Commando Elite (Larry Benson's creation) and is also the first to notice that there was something wrong with the chips. He goes with Larry to see Alan who tells them that the Commando Elite have become too destructive. Irwin then sees his creation and is also amazed and pleased at how well at least, they turned out.

After the Commando Elite launch a full scale attack on Alan's house, Irwin goes with Larry to create an electromagnetic pulse that fries the chips of the Commando Elite and destroy them.

Afterwards they are visited by Gil who decides to sell the Commando Elite to some rebels in South America. He is last seen taking off with Larry in Gil's helicopter heading back to Heartland Playsystems.