Kenner action figures

When small soldiers was being released a toy line was made featuring the gorgonites and commando elite the toys where made by Hasbro but are package with the Kenner label the toys of the ones in the films are almost close to the film props but some have a few errors on them


The gorgonites for the toy line had in total was 15 from the standard gorgonites to the variants all of the are only 3 which the most being archer they are full of detailed the most detailed ones are insaniac and witchdoctor insaniac with all the texter on his body the only one to have a error on a figure is archer as he has two green bands on his lower left arm and right arm but the only gorgonite left out is ocula unless you count the one with the Buzzsaw tank or burger king toy

number of gorgonite variants

  1. Archer: 6
  2. Insaniac:1
  3. troglokhan:1
  4. Slamfist: none
  5. Punch-it: none
  6. Scratch-it: none
  7. Ocula: 2 kind of
  8. Flatchoo:none

commando elite

The commando elite toys for the line was very short even missing two members and only has variants for chip hazard the only figure to have a error is nick nitro with tnt sticks on his left arm and right leg

number of commando elite variants

  1. Chip-hazard:4
  2. brick-bazooka: none
  3. nick-nitro: none
  4. kip-killigan: none

mini figures and mini vehicles

these figures were micro versions of the gorgonites and commando elite and vehicles to ride in each toy set came with a back drop on the back of the box were you can make them fight

pack in figures

theses figures are the only three that were packaged in either toys or vehicles the two that came with figures were miniac and nibble while the exclusive to the vehicles is scratch-it unless you count ocula in the Buzzsaw tank


battle damage

the battle damage figures only has two figures being archer and chip hazard theses two are figures of the two but with battle damage showing the metal skeletons and having the gimmick of limbs popping off archers being his arms and chip hazards legs

battle changing

these three figures our the rare for the toy line and are wroth a lot of money the figures only consist of archer troglokhan and kip killigan there gimmicks where having two play features archer could bend over and shoot a arrow from his back to troglokhan shooting a projectile to becoming a living vehicle with two wheels on his legs and a big wheel on his back which can come off and be a weapon kip killigan had hidden blades in his arms and could split open and spin his waist will there had surfaced a battle changing chip hazard prototype

ultra armor

this variant time only happen to archer which he wears black armor and holds a spear and shield which the shield and chest armor has vacmetalized gold on them under his chest plate is a golden armor around his chest but is not vacmetalized his gimmicks are removeable armor and having the agility to throw a projectile which is three rocks tied together by rope

electro charge

this variant being a chip hazard one where he is covered in electric bolts and has paint flacking off this figure however was a repaint of the first chip hazard figure with darker weapons

witch doctor

this figure is the only variant of insaniac which he is in a bright green vest and has bones tied around his right forearm and his left leg has what appear to be leaves tied together and has a bone in his tongue and his red markings are gone only leaving half his face with orange markings instead

12 inch figures

during the run of the toys they have released 5 (sort of) 12inch toys of archer and chip hazard as both had two different 12 inch ones from electronics to none electronics both electronic chip hazard and archer are the most accurate as both come with there accessories with chips guns and archers sword and crossbows while the none electronics weren't as chip hazard has fabric clothes and archer being a bit skinny but had his quiver unlike the electronic one

missing figures

The toy line only missed a few characters for both gorgonites and commando elite missing figures are

  • troglokhan(before damage)
  • link-static
  • butch-meathook
  • ocula(sort of)

Stan Winston figures

these figures of archer and chip hazard are the most rarest figures to date they where sculpted and produced by Stan Winston it's unclear how many are out there or how many are still around they come in a blue velvet box and had a foam insert to protect the packaging and figures it's unclear when they where released

limited edition archer and chip hazard


These statues are made from the molds of the props the line only has three gorgonites and commando elite. the come in the 1:1 scale and miniature scale. They are rare only know commando elite known in the 1:1 scale is chip hazard the only two known miniatures are butch meathook and nick nitro the known gorgonites are both known for !:! scale and miniature scale are archer, insaniac, troglokhan these

troglokhan miniture statue

where only sold in japan

Fan made replicas

Even thought the film has been released over 21 years ago the fans have been making replica's of the gorgonites and commando elite to fulfill a childhood dream of owning a film accurate figures and the qweandy dolls to one of the concept gorgonites

produced plush's

during a time during while the film or maybe after plush's where being made of chip hazard and archer however theses only in prototype stage


These figures where made in Mexico which the only known figures of the moment are archer insaniac chip hazard nick nitro and kip killigan there is also different colors of some of them the most know being archer from normal red to blue green and black loincloths to other colors archer also comes with his weapons such as his crossbow attached to his right forearm guard and insaniac having his ball and chain it is unknow how many where made there are others such as little soldiers and extreme soldiers and a archer like figure with a toy set called guardian patrol

bootleg nick nitro chip hazard and archer


  • a rumor is the reason why there are more gorgonites toys then commando elite was the companies thought the gorgonites would make the most money but it turns out the commando elite did instead it is unclear if this is true
  • The most rarest figures in the line was during the end of the line being called battle changing the line consists of archer troglokhan and kip killigan
  • Two prototypes have surfaced after the line was cancelled one being a battle changing chip hazard and the other being a archer with a opening mouth gimmick it is unclear what this one is called
  • A 29 inch tall archer exists it is unclear how the figure would come to be but it was probably either for a fan club and was probably do the fact archer was a fan favorite
  • there is a total of 4 12 inch action figures but during the toys run the electronic chip hazard has two different variants one with tommy lee john's voice and other a unknow voice actor for the second one this might have been due to tommy lee johns figure said all gorgonites scum must die and might have upset parents and later release ones had the other voice this made the 12 inch line now has 5 if you count the other voice variant as one
  • the only characters to never get figures are the human characters this might be doe to there likeness but in books and other media they were shown but the toy line must have been made before the film was completed or only the gorgonites and commando elite were probably more marketable
  • Archer is missing his crossbow on his right arm in the six inch one it could be doe to the fact the six inch one has a big crossbow that shoots missals instead of arrows
  • Troglokhan toy has two play functions being swop his left arm and leg and his club can move by a button on his back
  • on flatchoo toys box showing the worts on his back flying off uses the maquette colors
  • the battle damage chip hazard loosing his legs might be a nod to brick bazooka loosing his
  • the props used something similar to ball joints while the official figures used more joints that go out side to side


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