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Archer 2.jpg
Affiliation Gorgonites
Occupation Emissary of the Gorgonites
Weapons Crossbow
Actor Frank Langella (voice)
"Greetings I am Archer, emissary of the Gorgonites"

Archer is the main toy protagonist in the film Small Soldiers. He is the leader of the Gorgonites. He has a very noble and kindhearted personality in which he tries to ally with anyone he finds that can help him and the Gorgonites fend off the Commando Elite.

His mortal enemy is Chip Hazard. Finding the Gorgonites' homeland, Gorgon, is his primary objective. His appearance resembles a humanoid feline.


Small Soldiers

Archer in his box

Archer and the rest of the Gorgonites were created by Irwin Wayfair, a toy designer from a company called Heartland Playsystems which was bought out by Global Tech. Industries. In his box, Archer came with his trademark crossbow, three arrows, a quiver and a sword and could be activated by the words "Halt! Who goes there?"

Archer firing his armed crossbow up to the telephone pole.

Because Archer is a Gorgonite, he was ultimately programmed to hide and lose to the Commando Elite. This made Archer unhelpful in some cases. But still Archer tried to assist Alan Abernathy.

The first situation in which Archer helped was when the Commando Elite had taken Christy hostage and demanded that Alan surrender the Gorgonites to them. Alan set up a decoy for the Commando Elite and from there Archer was tied to a rocket. When the rocket flew upward, Archer jumped off and parachuted into the Fimple’s house. Archer unlocked the back door so Alan could slip in to rescue Christy.

Another event in which Archer helped was when Alan was attacked by Chip Hazard while setting up the EMP with the telephone pole. Archer fired his crossbow upward and over the arm of the pole. From there, Insaniac helicoptered around so Archer could be brought up to the pole. When Archer attempted to attack Chip, he was kicked off the pole and fell to the ground.

Archer leading the way on the search for Gorgon with his fellow Gorgonites.

"Even if you can't see something, it doesn't mean it isn't there."
―Archer saying farewell to Alan.

After the Gorgonite allies defeated the Commando Elite, Alan found Archer and the rest of the heroic Gorgonites hiding under the Fimples' huge satellite transmission disk. A couple of days later Alan gave the heroic Gorgonites a wooden boat in which to set sail on a river in search for their home world Gorgon.


  • When Archer was built by Globotech, he was given the nickname of Arch-Fiend.
  • Archer is the only controllable character in the Small Soldiers PS1 game and the only controllable Gorgonite in 2 Player mode, the other being Chip Hazard.
  • After being captured by the Commandos and tortured, Archer has a mark on his shoulder which could of been the result of them trying to pry information from him of where the other Gorgonites were hiding.
  • One or maybe even some books shows Archer similar to the prop in the film but one noticeable difference is the colors are lighter and his cross bow is different instead of the fully sliver and having a cow skull on the font this one was smaller and was more mechanical it's unclear if this was a early crossbow sculpt or a small replacement as it's unknown as of this moment
  • Since the Gorgonites where based off of characters from the franchise "Masters of the Universe", some of his facial and body features may of come from them. However this might be a small reference to Frank Langella playing Skeletor in the 1987 film of the franchise.
  • Even though fans say he is a feline creature when really he is a hybrid of animals the most rudiment animal traits are felines his ears are similar to canines and his horn is based off of a rhino.
  • The sword that comes with the toys of Archer were based off of the prop of the sword for the rod puppet but in the film it is shown to be in it's sheath before going missing.



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