Christy Fimple
Affiliation Humans
Occupation Student
Weapons Baton
Sit on Lawnmower
Actor Kirsten Dunst

Christy Fimple (portrayed by Kirsten Dunst) is Alan Abernathy's next door neighbour and crush.


Small Soldiers

She is first seen when she walks into Alan's family toy store, looking for a toy for birthday present for her brother Timmy. Christy initially was in a relationship with Brad.

When the Commando Elite learn of Alan's interest in Christy, they decide to take her hostage, immobilizing the Fimple household to force Alan into surrendering the Gorgonites. Alan and Archer sneak into the Fimple house to save Christy, but runs into her Gwendy dolls, whom the Commando Elite engineered as auxiliary troops. Archer cuts Christy loose from her bonds and together they destroy the Gwendys before escaping.

Near the end of the film, she makes it clear that she wants to be in a relationship with Alan instead of Brad.


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