Commando Elite

The Commandos showing from left to right: Nick Nitro, Butch Meathook, Major Chip Hazard, Brick Bazooka, Kip Killigan and Link Static.

"We are The Commando Elite! Everything else, is just a toy…."
Chip Hazard [src]

The Commando Elite also known as the Commandos were the enemies of the Gorgonites. They were designed by Larry Benson, a human employee of Heartland Playsystems (later acquired by Global Tech. Industries). The leader and commander of the Commandos is Major Chip Hazard.


These war-hungry toys are the most aggressive fighting force ever assembled. With an X-1000 munitions micro-processing chip hard-wired into every Commando, they are ready to destroy the Gorgonites. Since the Commando Elite originated from a military based company, their weapons, tactics and commands are military based.

When Alan Abernathy took one of each of the new range from the delivery truck he activated Archer and Chip Hazard not knowing how intelligent they really were.


PS1 Only


  • The more machine-like characters were not featured in the film, instead appearing in the PS1 video game. In the game the other Commandos can summon Bipod, Mortar and Sentry.
  • The Commando Elite bear similarities to G.I. Joe.