This is a list of the Commando Elite at the concept stage and ones who never made it into the final cut of the film.

Early Designs

  • Butch Meathook: This early depiction of Butch Meathook was a muscly guy with no hair and no shirt. His belt buckle was normal but the symbol was an x instead of a skull. On his right arm is a heart with an arrow in it, this might have been given to Kip later on but had a scratch instead of an arrow. He has a big gun on his back and wears black pants and boots with laces. He has the ability to shoot out his right fist.
  • Chip Braddock: An early design for Chip Hazard. He didn't have a vest and his shirt was similar to Butch Meathook's. He has overall straps on his pants and his gun holster on his overalls. He doesn't have his sleeves and has a tattoo on his arm saying "Corps Forever".
  • Buzz Flattop: This appears to be another early design for Chip before they settled on a name. His hair was a flat top cut similar to Chip's and he appeared to be heavily inspired by the Terminator. He wears sunglasses and a shirt with a v neck with laces going through it. He has a shoulder piece with a rocket launcher attached to it and pouches with straps attached to the shoulder piece. He wears a belt with small pockets on it but has a belt buckle with an x similar to the early Butch Meathook's designs. He wears fingerless gloves and pants with two pouches on the thighs and boots that might have a steel toe with a black stripe on them. In the concept art, he is holding a Gorgonite's head by the hair.

Butch Meathook's Colors

There is concept of Butch Meathook wearing different colors, the color scheme of his outfit is flipped from the final design.

Different Chip Hazard Colors

Chip's 5 different colors.

Before Chip Hazards final color scheme was chosen there were five test kinds and eventually he only had one grenade

  1. The only two minor difference in colors is his hair being blonde and his under shirt & sleeves being moss green
  2. The only difference in color from the original colors are black sleeves
  3. The difference is only his vest is being green like his sleeves and his hair is blonde again
  4. This one is a mix of all of the three other ones. His sleeves are black his under shirt is moss green and his vest was dark green with stripes
  5. The only difference is his under shirt and sleeves is either a caramel or gingerbread brown
  6. This was different colors in a book called from the files of Irwin Wayfair. His undershirt and sleeves is grey and his vest is black , his pants are fully dark green with no pattern on them his voice communicator was red instead of silver.

Different Kip Killigan colors

  1. The difference from the final his shirt didn't have spots on him and his belt was more of a yellow instead of green his pants pattern light brown and green and the main color was yellow.
  2. This one is slightly similar to the first difference but the pattern of his pants was a bit dark green and brown.


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