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Scratch It x4 (summoned)

Commando Elite

Bipod x14 Chip Hazard x5


Items in the Small Soldiers PS1 Game

Spirit x4 (5 after finding all secrets Wind x9 (1 dropped by 7th, 8th, 11thm 12th an 13th Bipod) Talisman x1 Earth x1 (when collecting Talisman) Green Gun x9 (1 dropped by 2nd Chip Hazard) Blue Gun x10 (1 dropped by 1st Chip Hazard) Green Chanter x1 Green Key x1 (obtained from Gorgonite Chanter) Red Chanter x1 Red Key x1 (obtained from Gorgonite Chanter) Yellow Chanter x1 Yellow Key x1 (obtained from Gorgonite Chanter) Blue Chanter x1 Blue Key x1 (obtained from Gorgonite Chanter)




Square, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Circle, X

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Floating Fortress

"I have to open the dimensional gateway." - The opening speech from Archer when starting the level

Dimensional Temple is the second level in the PS1 game Small Soldiers. It is not seen and referenced in the film. It is a level on both one- and two-player modes of the game. Archer must find all four of the colored Gorgonite Chanter tokens in order to obtain the keys to unlock the colored doors to open the portal at the end to complete the level, namely green, red, yellow and blue.



Small Soldiers (PS1) Walkthrough Level 2 Dimensional Temple


When starting the level, the mission screen shows the following missions:

  • "The Dimensional Temple is under attack!"
  • "Gather the Gorgonite Chanters to summon the portal!"
  • "Secure the realm or be cut off forever!"
  • "Chip Hazard and Bipod are on the prowl."
  • "Use Scratch It to help take them out."

Level Features


  • The first secret is behind the green door on the slope at the left in the central point in the level. Go to the part with the hanger and on the right is a ledge containing a green and blue gun, and a spirit.
  • The second secret is also on a ledge, through the red door on the slope. Keep going until you jump over a couple of gaps, and it is found on a ledge, containing a Wind and green gun.
  • The third secret is behind the blue door on the slope, containing three spirits, Chip Hazard and a talisman.

Player 2 Mode

The player 2 mode is slightly different to the player 1 mode of the level.


  • This is the first level chronologically to contain Chip Hazard.
  • This is the first level to contain more than one colored Gorgonite Chanter and multiple doors of the same color.
  • This is the first level where a portal is used to complete the level.


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