scar puss version 2 weapon

Whilst making the film a number of Gorgonites were designed who didn't make the final cut of the film. They range from different designs to different colors and even how they would walk from the final result

Very early designs

  • Archer: unlike the feline character we know and love today archer (only known head concept) early concept art showed he had a more mangled monster face with a blood shot eye and small to the right side hair he appears to have heavy scars on his face the one noticeable one what looks like stitch holes while he has a missing left eye which might have been given to troglokhan when he was rebuilt

List of Gorgonite Concepts

  • Green Flatchoo: The main difference from Flatchoo's appearance in the final film is that he was green and a part of the Gorgonites. In the film, Flatchoo was red and part of the Belch Brigade instead of having anything to do with the Gorgonites.
  • Plant Gorgonite: If this Gorgonite had a name, it hasn't been revealed but it looks like a plant that wears armor and holds a shield and axe and has fly traps growing off of it.
  • Ogre Gorgonite: This Gorgonite also doesn't have a name. His weapons are a scythe made of bone which has a blade grafted onto it and a flag
  • Scar Puss: Two version of Scar Puss were designed, the first is a creature with a chin full of spikes and has a lot of scars all over him. He holds an odd looking axe and his clothes are gloves that look like there where made of straps and a loincloth with a metal plate on it. The second design looks like he was stitched back together. He is more of an ogre but instead of legs that work he has big arms using them for walking. His weapon is a club that is hidden in his back.
  • Eyeball Head: This Gorgonite is an eyeball with a mouth it's main way of grabbing things is using optic nerves to hold a cross bow and it wears boots and a manacle with a chain on it. It may have been an early design for Ocula.


The alternate color designs for Slamfist.

Before settling on the final color scheme for Slamfist the designers gave a few different designs a try.

  • One design had green skin and purple clothes. The only thing that remained the same for his final design was his strapping being brown.
  • Another design was very different with blue skin and very light blue spots. His clothes are cheetah print in this design.
  • Another design was much closer to the final design but the main difference was that his clothes are brown instead of dark blue with a small white patch on it running from the bottom of his chin to the bottom of his clothes. His strapping color was either white, grey or black instead of brown like the final design.

scratch it original walking motion

instead of walking or jumping she more or less hoped like a frog and was her original way of her walking

early art work of the final gorgonites

  1. archer: the only thing different about archer is he doesn't have his cross bow and has a arrow stick straight threw his body and has bone like weapons coming out of his forearms
  2. troglokhan: his early design was similar to his final design however his head was very different and has black hair on the sides and his shield was much bigger and different
  3. ocula: unlike her two brothers ocula was very different she stood on two legs and had arms she also had a tail with a mini eyeball on it she also had a shell on her back and her eye lids where plates covered in spikes
  4. insaniac: insaniac early design was more of a voodoo witch doctor having a spear with skulls on and crazy hair his loincloth look like it was made of leaves he also had strapping on his right leg and right elbow his neckless was very different as instead of the buckle that gave the toy life it had a little sack on it and other little things around it instead of beads and teeth
  5. scratch-it: scratch only early design that was changed was her teeth which where more rounded then pointed
  6. punch-it: the only thing different about punch-it early design is he has big wrecking ball attached by a chain and had a very early design of scratch on his back


  • the only concept gorgonite to every be known to have a scuplt is scar puss version 2
  • green flatchoo was on a crew shirt and was the maqutte for him
  • the witch doctor insaniac toy might be a reference to the original artwork of him


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