The Gorgonites, showing left to right: Insaniac, Slamfist, Archer, Punch-It & Scratch-It, Troglokhan and Ocula.

"The Gorgonites must lose."
Archer [src]

The Gorgonites are the peaceful enemies of the Commando Elite. They were created by a toy designer named Irwin Wayfair who had intended them to be for educational purposes. They were manufactured from a toy company called Heartland Playsystems that had been taken over by a military division named GloboTech. Industries. Their leader is Archer.

They were also hard-wired with the same micro-processing chip, the X-1000 and were created to be the enemy of the Commando Elite. Unfortunately, the Gorgonites were ultimately programmed to hide and lose to the Commando Elite. Whenever the Gorgonites notice the Commando Elite, their objective is to hide and try not to get disassembled by the Commando Elite. They are peaceful, kindhearted, heroic creatures with the goal to find their home world: Gorgon.

During the film, the Gorgonites were able to overcome their programming and they fought back against the Commando Elite, with the help from human Alan Abernathy.

They were able to win the war against the Commando Elite.



  • Nibble is the first and only known Gorgonite able to fly. He is seen as a brown colored bat-like creature in the PS1 game, but resembles a figure similar in appearance to Insaniac. The troll-like appearance is briefly seen as an action figure.

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