Gwendy Dolls

Gwendy Dolls are a brand of dolls. Christy Fimple has a sizeable collection of Gwendy Dolls which are utilized by the evil Commando Elite to build an army. They are a parody of Barbie dolls.


Gwendy Dolls

The GloboTech Industries acquiring the Heartland toy company, CEO Gil Mars tells remaining toy designers Larry Benson and Irwin Wayfair to develop actual live-action toys capable of "playing back".

Christy, Alan's neighbor and love interest, gets Chip Hazard to her brother. Chip Hazard rebels and imprisons him. He then leads the evil Commando Elite to make thousands of Gwendy Dolls to have sentience like him and the evil Commando Elite. He and the evil Commando Elite create and arm hundreds of the dolls and, in a very complete pretty bizarre sequence, they strip the dolls naked and deform them. The reason is probably so. It is possible from the actions of the dolls and the evil Commando Elite that the dolls are reinforcements. This is further implied when Chip Hazard assaults Christy's boyfriend when he kills one of the dolls.

The Gwendy Dolls attack Christy and hold her hostage. Alan comes in after seeing her hostage video. He gets Christy out of her bonds and she furiously smashes most of the Gwendy Dolls to bits with a baton, and saying she hated them anyway.

Later on, during the final battle, a large force of heavily armed dolls approaches Alan laughing manically, but they are scythed by Christie's lawnmower.

Equipment and M.O.Edit

The Gwendy Dolls effectively fight naked, but for a thin layer of camouflage paint covering their plastic bodies. It is worth noting that all the dolls had their original Gwendy clothes removed by the evil Commando Elite prior to deployment.

They are extremely proficient in capturing hostages and securing them employing ropes, gags, sockets and lassos. Christy is subdued by them in a matter of seconds, and so is Alan. They are also adept at torture, interrogation and inflicting pain. Their transformation left them deranged and deviated, and they wage war on the heroic Gorgonites while laughing a demented laughter and constantly uttering lewd and heavily allusive remarks.

They employ a vast array of weaponry, ranging from scissors to knives to nails, and particularly enjoy tormenting a victim once he or she has been cast down and tied up.