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Gwendy dolls
Gwendy Dolls
Affiliation Commando Elite
Occupation Reinforcement army/auxiliary troops (after being programmed by the Commando Elite)
Weapons Scissors, Nails, Razor Blades, Knives
Actor Sarah Michelle Gellar
Christina Ricci
Now it's our turn to play with you!
―Gwendy doll🗩

Gwendy is a fictional brand of fashion doll in Small Soldiers, used as an unlicensed surrogate for existing brands such as Barbie and Sindy. Christy Fimple's sizeable collection of Gwendy dolls become tertiary antagonists later in the film.


Prop 19

A Gwendy doll prop used in the movie

Since they had their original clothing removed, the Gwendy dolls effectively fight naked, but do have a thin layer of paint covering their chests and hips, resembling a skimpy camouflage bikini. They employ a vast array of simple weaponry, including scissors, knives, nails and razor blades. These are fixed to their bodies by wires, straps or simply bolted on with screws.

Despite using Nick Nitro's chip, the Gwendy dolls upon activation sound and act like energetic valley-girls instead of the Commandos' former demolitions expert. They have a semi-sadistic and airheaded nature when speaking, with lines ranging from upbeat chatter to the darker, "Let's see if her head comes off", joking at the fact that dolls heads are detachable. The Gwendy dolls also have a few somewhat flirty interactions with Brad and Alan, only dropping them when they resist capture. The Gwendy dolls can be seen cat-walking, dancing, flipping and being cheerleader tossed, giving them a more girly and playful nature.


The Gwendy dolls as they capture Christy

One doll with a cowgirl hat appeared to keep some of her original personality  It is unclear if each of the Gwendy dolls have some form of personality quirk that ties back to their unmodified boxed versions.

The Gwendy dolls fight in large numbers, using teamwork to take down their targets. They are proficient in capturing hostages and securing them employing cables, gags, cloth-ties and make-shift lassos. Christy is subdued by them in a matter of seconds, and so is Alan. Their brainwashing left them deranged and deviated, so they wage war on the Gorgonites and humans the Commandos consider enemies while emitting demented laughter and constantly uttering lewd and heavily allusive remarks.

Small Soldiers (film)[]

The Gwendy dolls were first referenced by Timmy when he complains and points out that their parents always get them as gifts for Christy, after she said there's no way their parents would buy him the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite. Later in the film, they are seen on shelves in Christy's room with the box tagline, "She's Very Trendy". They came in various outfits including: Bridal, Cowgirl, First Lady, Yodeler and Astronaut among many others on display stands.  


A group of modified Gwendy dolls

After subduing Timmy, the Commando Elite come across Christy's Gwendy doll collection. Chip Hazard referred to the dolls as "the new army" and called them reinforcements. The Commando Elite used various household technology and the deceased Nick Nitro's X-1000 chip to give the dolls sentience, brainwash and arm them.  In an off-screen sequence, they strip the dolls naked, paint camoflague-print bikinis on the Gwendy dolls, remove all of their hair and deform them. Deformities include warped heads, cracks, scars, missing limbs, screws and loose wiring. These are most likely the results of modifying the dolls so they could move.  The Gwendy dolls serve as the Commando Elites' auxiliary troops. One doll introduced herself as "Cannon Fodder Gwendy", further solidifying them as new minor villainesses.

After Brad takes her home, Christy goes up to her room to find the mass of tech parts used to modify the Gwendy dolls. She sees her deformed dolls start to move and talk, pausing in disbelief. The Gwendy Dolls use this chance to lasso her ankles and trip her. When she looks up, Christy sees them approaching with cables and cloth to make her a hostage. Hearing her screaming, Brad runs in to find Christy getting tied up by them. Distracted and confused, he fails to rescue her when he gets piled on by more Gwendy dolls that tossed themselves at him. He manages to smash a couple before getting set on fire by the Commando Elite and running away.  


A Gwendy doll revealing herself before surprise attacking Alan

Alan comes to rescue Christy after seeing her hostage video. He finds Christy tied to a rocking chair with a tape-gag over her mouth. The remaining Gwendy dolls surprise-attack him before he could untie her.  Alan is quickly brought to the ground, swarmed and tied up while he struggles. Archer gets Christy out of her bonds, then she rescues Alan and they start smashing the Gwendy Dolls as they scatter around the room.

Later on during the final battle, Chip Hazard stole Toy World's toy stock from Joe's Heartland Play Systems truck and amassed a large force of Commando Elite and Gwendy dolls. After inserting Chip Hazard into the transformer, they approach Alan laughing manically, but they are scythed by Christy's lawnmower and killed off by the EMP.


  • In the sequence where the Gwendy dolls are given sentience, the music used is from The Bride of Frankenstein. In the Deluxe Soundtrack, the song title is "Bombshelley".
  • There are 3 different known audio sequences for the Gwendy dolls found in the Deluxe Soundtrack and Original Soundtrack.
  • During the final battle, the Gwendy dolls are only seen slowly approaching Alan in one sequence instead of participating in the large-scale battle.
  • One Gwendy doll can be seen wearing a white cowgirl hat.  It was the only instance of the dolls using their original clothing or props
  • After Brad smashes the dolls and they fall to the ground, some of their original clothing can be seen strewn across the floor.
  • Stan Winston Studios made approximately 50 "stunt Gwendys" to throw around which were made of foam and elastic bands.
  • Different Gwendy dolls were also written in "Small Soldiers: The Junior Novelization".  These include Hidden Tattoo Gwendy, Networking Gwendy, Urban Cowgirl Gwendy, Navy SEAL Gwendy and Massage Therapist Gwendy.
  • After the Gwendy dolls are brought to life, they are referenced as "Zom-Gwendies" in the novelization.
  • When Timmy says that their parents buy her Gwendy dolls, Christy gets a little angry/embarrassed.  It is unclear whether she collects them on her own or if her parents give them to her and she just hold onto them. Later on while talking to Alan, Christy is seen fixing/handling one of their boxes on her shelf.




10) Movie CLIP - Bombshells (1998) HD

The Commando Elite finding and modifying Christy's Gwendy Doll collection


10) Movie CLIP - I Always Hated These Things (1998) HD

Alan coming to rescue Christy and seeing the Gwendy Doll troops