Insaniac (movie)
Affiliation Gorgonites
Occupation Stand-Up Comedy, creative problem solver
Weapons Flail
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"You know who can defeat that very evil and dumb Commando Elite? My wife! Oohhahahaha!"

Insaniac gives just a bit of comedy to the Gorgonites versus the Commando Elite. The hyperactive purple Gorgonite is always talking quickly and laughing hysterically.

Insaniac has a crazed personality which makes him inclined to do anything that seems fun. He always supports his fellow heroic Gorgonites but his primary objective is just to be crazy and to laugh a lot. His Gorgonite emblem is located in his tribal necklace. It is also possible that he is a family member of Nibble. Insaniac (as a toy) was packaged with a smaller green goblin-like character named Miniac.


Insaniac was created by Irwin Wayfair who was toy creator of company called Heartland Playsystems and then bought out by Global Tech. Industries. His partner's name was Larry Benson (the creator of the evil Commando Elite).


Since Insaniac is a Gorgonite, he was not supposed to really do anything except to always have lots of fun and make jokes all the time. There were only two times Insaniac really helped out and that was when the Gorgonites finally tried to help the Fimple and Abernathy families fight back against the Commando Elite.

Insaniac assisted by jumping out of the dog door and starts spinning around and wacking every single evil Commando he saw with his "wife", the spiky flail. The other time when Insaniac helped was when Archer had to get to the top of the telephone pole. When Archer shot his armed crossbow over the pole, Insaniac caught it in his mouth and then started spinning around to reel up Archer to the top of the pole arm.

Later On

After the huge battle of the Gorgonite allies defeating the Commando Elite, Insaniac and the rest of the Gorgonites were found hiding under a huge satellite transmission disk. Then a couple of days later Alan gave the Gorgonites a wooden boat in which the heroic creatures set sail on a river to go in search for their home world Gorgon.