Irwin Wayfair
Irwin Wayfair.png
Affiliation Humans
Occupation Toy Designer
Weapons None
Actor David Cross
"You put munitions chips in toys?"
―Irwin Wayfair speaking to Larry Benson

Irwin Wayfair (portrayed by David Cross) was a toy designer at the Heartland Toy Store who now works for Gil Mars from GloboTech Industries who took over the company and renamed it Heartland Playsystems. He is the creator of the Gorgonites and cares about bringing joy to kids and is worried that Gil would only care about profits.

He creates the Gorgonites as a race of creatures who were designed for an educational purpose. He is ultimately upset when Gil makes the Gorgonites into the enemies of the Commando Elite.

After there is a complaint from Alan Abernathy about there being a problem with the toys, Irwin takes this into account very seriously and finds out from Larry that he had placed X-1000 microprocessor military chips inside the toys that may be considered extremely dangerous and is horrified by what he has done.

He then goes with Larry to see Alan who tells them that the Commando Elite have become too destructive. Irwin then sees his creations and is also amazed and pleased at how well at least, they turned out.

After the Commando Elite launch a full scale attack on Alan's house, Irwin goes with Larry to create an electromagnetic pulse that fries the chips of the Commando Elite and destroys them.

Afterwards they are visited by Gil who then decides to reprogram and sell the Commando Elite to the military division in South America for military missions. He is last seen taking off with Larry in Gil's helicopter heading back to Heartland Playsystems.

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