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Joe is a truck driver that works for Heartland Playsystems.

Affiliation Humans
Occupation Truck Driver
Weapons none
Actor Dick Miller


Joe is first seen dropping off Stuart's delivery to his son Alan.  During their exchange, they both decide to preview the Chip Hazard and Archer toys.  Joe ends up fronting a whole set of each to Alan so the Inner Child can make a little extra money.  

Later on, the toys get recalled, and as Joe is ready to leave, Chip Hazard holds a knife to his neck and forces him to drive to Alan's home.  Joe is left in the Heartland truck, tape across his face and his hands fixed to the wheel.

During the cleanup, Joe is told my Gil Mars to start moving the truck before the news crews show up.  Upon refusing, Mrs. Kegel prints off a check with enough money to drastically change Joe's mind.


Joe is a blue-collar worker, critical of big business.  He openly talks about his disgust for larger corporations.  He's also a bit loose with his work, allowing Alan to talk his way into borrowing the sets of toys, even if it could get him fired.