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Larry Benson
Larry Benson.jpg
Affiliation Humans
Occupation Toy Designer
Weapons None
Actor Jay Mohr

Larry Benson (portrayed by Jay Mohr) is the creator of the Commando Elite.

He worked in Heartland Playsystems and was one of the first to buy and operate the X-1000 micro-munitions processing hard-wired chips for the toy manufacturing, while secretly typing Irwin Wayfair's secret password which is Gizmo, into the computer. Little did he notice, there was something strange within the chips, originally, programmed from the Department of Defense. He is also an opportunist and he was willing to do anything to move up in the world which was why he kept trying to get on the good side of new owner Gil Mars.

After hearing a complaint about the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite being defective recorded from a buyer named Alan Abernathy, he tried to avoid the problem and he wanted to do a counter lawsuit; however, Larry soon realized that the chips were the reason. Irwin was then horrified that Larry put munitions chips in them and forces Larry to confess. They go to see Alan and he explains to them that while the Gorgonites are fine, the Commandos' programming had made them too destructive.

Larry tries to assure him that they cannot do any harm, but he is slugged in the face by Alan's angry father Stuart stating that the toys nearly killed his son.

He was then horrified that his creations were the villains, and the Commandos were also launching a full scale attack on Alan's house with Alan's family, their neighbors the Fimples, him, Irwin and the Gorgonites inside.

To put right the trouble he had caused, he helps Irwin create an electromagnetic pulse which fries the chips in the Commandos and destroy them.

Later Gil Mars arrives and Larry tells him that he takes full responsibility for what has happened. Gil then says that they should sell the Commando Elite to some rebels in South America. He is last seen taking off with Irwin in Gil's helicopter heading back to Heartland Playsystems.