Link Static
Link Static
Affiliation Commando Elite
Occupation Communication Expert
Weapons Electrical horseshoe zap stick.
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"Link Static, Communications. Awaiting dispatch of orders Sir."
―Link Static

Link Static is the communication expert. Link Static's own primary mission is to troubleshoot radar, hijack computers, and invent equipment assemblies, sub assemblies, modular and circuit elements with common and system peculiar test equipment for deficiencies and malfunctions, manipulate dish, EMP, and satellite function, and send code information to his very own fellow evil Commando Elite to help destroy the heroic Gorgonites.


Link Static was created by Larry Benson who was toy creator of company called Heartland Playsystems and then bought out from Global Tech. Industries. His partner's name was Irwin Wayfair (the creator of the Gorgonites).

Operations Executed (Chronological Order)Edit

Link Static took part in many operations that took action in trying to destroy the heroic Gorgonites. The first operation Link Static took place in was when his commander Chip Hazard, activated him and then they set out throughout the toy store to destroy the Gorgonites they saw. The only Gorgonite that the evil Commando Elite disassembled was Troglokhan. He also took part in almost destroying Archer, until Alan Abernathy came in to see what all the hub-bub was about. Another operation he took part in was listening into Alan and his neighbor Christy Fimple 's conversation giving his own fellow evil Commando Elite, the information they needed to make Christy their hostage. His last mission when Alan and Christy Fimple were escaping, the Commando Elite launched an assault that blew the garage door off, in which Link Static had his own vehicle which was quite destructive.


Link Static and the rest of the Commando Elite (except Chip Hazard) were destroyed after Christy and Alan made the jump over the small river. When the Commando Elite tried to jump the river, they were unsuccessful and were destroyed in from the fall in a huge explosion. Chip Hazard later activated more versions of him in a final battle, but they failed after their X-1000 chips were destroyed.

In Small Soldiers: Squad CommanderEdit

Link Static briefly appears as one of the 6 playable characters in the game, maintaining his role as the communication expert. His electronic expertise is more evident here, as he is briefly seen using computers to track signals of both the heroic Gorgonites and the evil Commando Elite, map out routes and building the evil Commando Elite transmitter. His personality remains similar to the film, where he is confident in his abilities.

In terms of gameplay, Link Static has the best vision (like Ocula), and has the second fastest speed and strongest throwing arm after Kip Killigan. He is a melee fighter with the lowest attack power along with Chip Hazard. He also has the lowest amount of health along with Chip Hazard, Butch Meathook, and Kip Killigan.

Speed- 6

Vision- 9

Range- 1

Power- 5

Health- 6

Throwing arm- 2nd


Link Static's EnemyEdit