New and Improved is the fifth and final campaign for the Gorgonite faction in Small Soldiers Squad Commander. It consists of one mission, The Old Switcheroo. The Gorgonites attempt to switch the personalities of the Commando Elite being massed produced at their factory.

Opening Video

Chip Hazard walks up to a computer screen to activate the Commando Elite Transmitter to wake his squadron in the country. However, due to the Gorgonites sabotaging the satellites, generator and main console of the transmitter, the transmitter overloads, killing Chip Hazard. Celebrating, Slamfist accidentally steps on a nearby TV remote, turning on a TV in the store. A commercial for the Commando Elite plays, revealing that although they have defeated the Commando Elite for now, more of the Commando Elite will be produced to replace the beaten ones. Archer decides to make a few "improvements" to the newly produced Commando Elite.

The Old Switcheroo

This mission takes place in GloboTech Toy Factory (North). The Gorgonites consists of six members at the beginning. The Gorgonites fight their way through the factory, locating a baby doll head, and the head of Chip Hazard. Using a machine called a mix-master, they switch the personalities (and also the clothes) of the Commando Elite and begin mass-producing.

Ending Video

The Gorgonites are admiring the newly created effeminate Commando Elite when Kevin arrives at the factory to pick up the Gorgonites. He reveals that he was grounded by his parents as they did not believe his story, and that he had to sneak out of the house to get there. The Gorgonites promise to get him out of trouble. While looking for his hat, Kevin accidentally steps on the Chip Hazard, despite being dressed in a maid's uniform, still retains his own personality.

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