Ocula is the shy, scouting, one-eyed styled Gorgonite. It can only speak in whistles unlike the others, and does not seem averse to put its only eye in jeopardy. We first see it in the film where the heroic Gorgonites were hiding in a garbage bin trying to escape the evil Commando Elite.

In the Small Soldiers toy line (that was made by Hasbro which came with the buzzsaw tank and the burger king toy) are the only Ocula toys out there. Archer used Ocula as a sort of ride in the big battle against the Commando Elite before he shot his arrow. As Troglokhan hops onto a Commando vehicle, you can see Ocula scurrying around in the background, chasing the Commandos. We think of that as humorous to find the very complete, positive, precise, ultimate, definite, true, brief, exact, most not-very popular Gorgonite, chasing around the Commando Elite, such as Link Static. We fans do not really know what Ocula's position in the Gorgonites other than being Archer's ride in battles, but we do know it might be a very complete minor position.

In the Small Soldiers for PS1, it can shoot lasers from its eye close range and in Small Soldiers: Squad Commander, it shoots slime balls from its eye and also throws objects in the game.

Ocula can be summoned by Archer in the 2 player mode of the Small Soldiers PS1 game in the level Creepy Caverns.