Phil Fimple
Phil Fimple.png
Affiliation Human
Occupation Unknown
Weapons None
Actor Phil Hartman

Philip "Phil" Fimple (played by the late Phil Hartman in his final film role) is Christy and Timmy's father and Marion's husband who is the annoying next door neighbour to the Abernathys.

His garden is strewn with technology and he cut down Stuart Abernathy's favourite tree to install a new satellite dish, much to his anger.

When his family got involved with a war between two sets of toys called the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite, he was reluctant to to believe Alan's story of the toys being more than just alive, until the creators of the toys showed up explaining the defectiveness of the Commandos, resulting in an angry Stuart making him apologize to his son.

Later Phil was able to see for himself how dangerous the Commando Elite were. He decided to surrender the Gorgonites to them as he decided that his family should not have to be part of what he considered "a stupid game", but the Commandos were done with making treatys and nearly roasted him with one their weapons.

After the Commando Elite were wiped out by an Electromagnetic pulse, Phil demanded compensation from the Globotech owner Gil Mars who had commissioned the toys in the first place. Mars willing did just that.


Phil Hartman was tragically murdered straight after the filming was finished, so the film was dedicated to him.

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