Punch It & Scratch It

Punch-It is the brontothere-like Gorgonite and Scratch-It is his female frog-like sibling.

Punch-It is the Gorgonites' gentle giant, but do not let the "gentle" part fool you, when the evil Commando Elite attack, Punch-It becomes one of the heroic Gorgonites most powerful and dangerous warriors.

Scratch-It is Punch-It's own heroic female sibling, often riding on Punch-It's back and using his horn-like protrusion as a slingshot.

Punch-It & Scratch-It
War Group: Gorgonites
Occupation: Muscle & Sidekick[1]
Homeworld: Gorgon[1]
Spoken Line: Salutations![1]


Punch It Scratch It Scratch It Spawn


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