Affiliation Gorgonites
Occupation Enforcer
Weapons Slegehammer and Boulder fist
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"Don't worry Archer, we was hiding." - Slamfist

Slamfist is hunchback-like enforcer of the Gorgonites. With a boulder strapped to his left hand Slamfist may look pretty tough, but he is very kindhearted and gentle (just like the rest of the heroic Gorgonites). He also has a very quiet and good-nature personality in which he tries to assist his very best brother Archer and his fellow heroic Gorgonites in any way to help fend off the evil Commando Elite. Protecting his very best brother Archer from the evil Commando Elite is his very own complete precise main primary objective.

Creator: Slamfist was created by Irwin Wayfair who was toy creator of company called Heartland Playsystems and then bought out from Global Tech. Industries. His partner's name was Larry Benson (the creator of the Commandos).

Assistance: Since Slamfist is the heroic Gorgonite, he was not supposed to really do anything for the heroic Gorgonites except for protecting his very best brother Archer. There was really only one time Slamfist really helped out and that was when the heroic Gorgonites finally tried to help the Fimple and Abernathy family fight back the evil Commando Elite. Slamfist assisted by jumping on and knocking out two evil Commandos with his boulder-like fist.

Later On: After the huge battle of the Gorgonite allies defeating the evil Commando Elite, Slamfist and the rest of the heroic Gorgonites were found hiding under a huge satellite transmission disk. Then a couple of days later Alan gave the heroic Gorgonites a wooden boat in which the heroic creatures set sail on a river to go in search for their home world Gorgon.


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