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Small Soldiers: Globotech Design Lab is a 1998 PC strategy/action game based on the film Small Soldiers. In it, you can either design and build your own squad of soldiers or choose from pre-built characters. The two teams are the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite. You choose specific parts you want your soldiers to have, such as arms and legs. You can also choose what kind of computer chip controls the soldier, what kind of voice they have and what weapons he will carry. After you create your soldiers, you then battle the opposite team. It was published by Hasbro Interactive.


Build & battle the ultimate action figures!


The Gameplay of Globotech design lab generally has two sections, character creation, which includes various pieces from both Gorgonites and Commando Elite and "Chips" to customize your character's fighting stats, and then combat with AI, which takes place in open-ended 3-D environments.

During fighting sections, pieces are likely to break off characters, such as heads or arms, which can then be used as weapons. Other possible weapons include common household items such as toothbrushes or forks.

As a bonus in the game, you could choose differant skins for each character.


  • This game gave fans a look at new characters of the Gorgonites and Commando Elite.

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