Small Soldiers: Squad Commander is a 1998 PC strategy game based on the film Small Soldiers. You control either the Gorgonites or the Commando Elite in objective-based scenarios. The gameplay is much like micro-managing in a typical RTS. It was published by Hasbro Interactive, but is also developed by DreamWorks Interactive.


All out warfare in a battle to save your neighborhood!

The game is set in a fictional "3-D cartoon-like" reality-city called, "New Bedford". The Gorgonites and the Commando Elite awake in a large room on a chest. Chip Hazard criticizes Archer as weak and cowardly, pulls Archer's right arm off, and finally assaults him by using Archer's own right arm, right after Archer informs wisely to Chip Hazard and pushes away from him with the right arm. Archer steals it away and bows before Chip Hazard, jabbing the severed right arm toward Chip Hazard's chest, and hitting Chip Hazard's head with the right arm, thus plugging the right arm back into his right shoulder. After the incident both are still arguing but they suddenly both charge at each other, and crash; thus, the PC player must choose their campaign squad.

The main campaign for both the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite, is trying to eliminate each other, until they reach the main Small Soldiers Industry, while they are destroying the town itself.

Commando Elite Campaign.

The Commando Elite's plan is to exterminate the isolated Gorgonite scum: if the outcome is victory, the Commando Elite plan to exterminate Washington D.C., and build Commando Elite industries for their moment of glory in a new evil militarism planet.

The Gorgonites' plan is the opposite: defend, cherish freedom, and conservate a melting pot of ecosystems. If the outcome is victory, the Gorgonites plan to change the Commando Elite from changing their micro-chips and uniforms into dainties and blouses from the Gwendy Doll chips, thus defending the planet and a melting pot of new wild animals in New Bedford.

Gorgonite Campaign.


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The players choose to control either the Gorgonites or the Commando Elite in up to 20 challenging, nonlinear missions. The mission scenarios are new to the game but use the characters and environments from the film. Fun and intricate puzzles are layered within each mission, requiring players to use their wits and problem-solving skills under constant enemy fire and demolition.

Choosing your Alliance.

Battle Counterattack.

Players must defend their homes, local shops, and laboratories. Battles become increasingly more difficult and desperate as enemy reinforcements flock to aid their comrades.

The game features up gradable weapons, mines, bonus artillery, cloning, booby-traps, power gadgets, detailed graphics, dynamic music, and a kid-friendly design.


Each faction goes through five campaigns, each with a different number of missions ranging from 1-3.

Gorgonite Campaigns

Commando Elite Campaigns

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  • Archer's texture files for his main body loop because on his back his neckless repeats itself even having the circle part of it
  • Scratch-It doesn't appear in this game, same for Globotech Design Labs
  • Tommy Lee Jones is the only voice actor from the film same for the ps1 game
  • The Commando Elite are the only team to have their belt buckles, the Gorgonites however don't as texture space was very short during that time
  • Ocula's attack is a green slime like projectile which changes colors with power ups; yellow for level 1 and pinkish red for level 2
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