The Demolition Mission is the fifth and final campaign for the evil Commando Elite faction in Small Soldiers Squad Commander. It consists of one mission, Goodnight Gorgonites. The Commando Elite attempt to blow up the Gorgonites, eradicating the Gorgonites in town.

Opening Video

The Commando Elite are in Fried Electronics, where Link Static informs Chip Hazard that the wave frequency of their transmitter is set. Once activated, the Gorgonites will return to their factory where they will be destroyed by a bomb set up by the Commando Elite. Chip Hazard tells Link Static to transmit the signal. He then wonders what is taking Nick Nitro so long, stating that he should have had that bomb set and been out of the empty factory an hour before that. Link Static replies that Nick Nitro is pretty much dead if he still has not gotten out. Just then, Nick Nitro returns and Chip Hazard instructs Brick Bazooka to detonate the bomb. However, nothing happens, much to the irritation of the squad. Chip Hazard declares that they are heading in to reset the bomb.

Goodnight Gorgonites

This mission takes place in GloboTech Toy Factory (South). The Commando Elite consists of six members at the beginning: Chip Hazard, Nick Nitro, Link Static, Kip Killigan, Butch Meathook, and Brick Bazooka. The Commando Elite fight their way through the factory, locating the detonators to their bombs and mixing up its liquids. They then fight their way to the loading dock where they detonate the bomb.

Ending Video

The Commando Elite are standing outside the burning factory with various flaming bits of the Gorgonites falling around them. Nick Nitro warns the others to beware of the falling plastic, something Kip Killigan scoffs at just as he gets hit with Slamfist's boulder-fist, knocking him out. Chip Hazard declares that their latest victory was merely the first step towards their goal of world domination, stating that the team will be heading to Washington. The Commando Elite start making some comments about all the tourist attractions there, with Link Static asking where Washington ultimately is. Chip Hazard can only shake his head in disgust.

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