Timmy Fimple
Timmy Fimple.jpg
Affiliation Human
Occupation School boy
Weapons None
Actor Jacob Smith

Timothy "Timmy" Fimple (played by Jacob Smith) is Christy Fimple's younger brother. He is a child who likes any kind of action-like toy such as dinosaurs and mutant freaks. In Christy's words, Timmy likes anything that maims, kills or destroys.

He is first seen with his sister at a store called The Inner Child where Alan Abernathy had just received an assortment of war-based toys called the Gorgonites and Commando Elite. Timmy was looking round the back and witnessed two of them Archer and Chip Hazard fighting. Full of excitement he decided that he wanted Chip Hazard and one of the Gorgonites for his birthday.

He is next seen coming into Christy's bedroom just as Chip Hazard and his Commando Elite are setting a trap for his sister. He thinks that Christy has ordered him the whole set and begins playing with them, but to his astonishment he is soon restrained by Chip Hazard, tied, gagged and locked in a closet.

He is eventually released and more trouble ensues when even more Commando Elite begin terrorizing the neighbourhood. However thanks to assistance of the Gorgonites and an electromagnetic pulse, the Commando Elite are destroyed for good. After this experience, Timmy tells his parents that he now only wants clothes for his birthday.

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