Troglokhan (Freakenstein)

Troglokhan (Figure).jpg


Affiliation Gorgonites
Occupation Navigator
Weapons Dagger and Club
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Troglokhan is the navigator. He was destroyed by the Commando Elite, but ultimately reassembled by the Gorgonites with a few left pieces and a battered radio.



Before: Before being torn apart his look was a humanoid creature with blue skin he wears strapping with Spikes on them and has shackles around his left arm and neck with chains hanging off of them he wears a loincloth and two boots and wrapping on his right thigh his two main weapons are a dagger and club his main way to defend himself is a shield with a red skull on it

After: After being torn apart the only thing he has left after being rebuilt is his dagger and club loincloth one of his boots and shield the things that replaced his old parts are a radio and the radio gears to swing his club and a stitch on other half of another toys face and a yellow wire replacing his left eye he has been stitch back together and the notable thing about him being rebuilt is his left hand is now his left foot and his left foot was now his left hand and his right hand was now stitch onto his leg to keep them together


  • Before being torn apart he might have been based off of repaints or retools that toy lines sometimes do
  • His eye can change color to green to red it's unclear if this was apart of his original toy function or after being rebuilt
  • He has a fan on his back that spins it's function might be to cool him down instead of overheating
  • The toy of troglokhan was capable of his left arm and leg to switch
  • He might be based off of elves or ice giants which could explain his skin color
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