Uninvited Guests is the first campaign for the Commando Elite faction in Small Soldiers Squad Commander. It consists of one mission, Homestead Havoc. The Commando Elite attempt to clear their owner's house of the Gorgonites.

Opening Video

Continuing where the introductory video left off, Archer and Chip Hazard are fighting. Chip Hazard punches Archer in the jaw, knocking him out. He then commands his Commando Elite to show themselves, revealing Link Static and Brick Bazooka. Chip Hazard remarks that their ranks are thin and, spotting Slamfist and Insaniac under the bed and Ocula hiding behind a toy car, that they are not alone in that "stronghold". Jumping down from the toy chest, Chip Hazard orders the Commando Elite to start clearing the house of the Gorgonites.

Homestead Havoc

This mission takes place in the home of Kevin Butler. The Commando Elite squadron consists of Chip Hazard, Brick Bazooka, and Link Static. Beginning in Kevin's room, the Commando Elite fight their way through the house and blast a hole in the linen closet to reach the family office. With the Gorgonites destroyed, the Commando Elite proceed to destroy the telephone of the house.

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